About Me

Who I am, What I do and Where I’m headed

Hi there!

I’m Dave J Mason (this guy is Dave Mason, hence the J)

I’m a passionate musician, experienced online marketing expert and keen entrepreneur with an insatiable appetite for white chocolate milkshake.

I’m also extremely dangerous looking.

At the age of 18 I took a big leap and became self employed and partnered with my mentor Andy Edwards to found the Midland Adcademy of Drumming. Within a year we had grown it into the West Midland’s most prolific drum school.

Over the years I began developing systems and methods to help students reach their full potential. Some of my proudest moments were during this time of my life. From the nervous and self-concious man who first sat at the drum throne all those years ago finally overcoming his mental barriers and joining his first band to to the complete beginner who, with the deepest humility, opened up and grew to be a most accomplished drummer.

However, never one to be content in staying put, I invested heavily in my knowledge and skill set and set my sights on a much bigger picture; to create a positive and progressive global network for musicians. The MusoDatabase.

MusoDatabase is a strongly community-focused network aimed at bringing all sectors of the industry closer together for the better. A network of free websites, services and opportunities for musicians worldwide.

Since the creation of MusoDatabase I have been fortunate enough to work closely with some of the biggest global music brands such as Tama, Zildjian, Hudson Music and more.

There are so many opportunities in the world to help people grow and reach new heights. For me to be able to make a living from that is a true joy.

Previous Happy Clients

A selection of brands that I’ve worked with in the past