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Hi I'm Dave J Mason. I'm a professional drummer and entrepreneur based in Birmingham, UK. I run the Midland Academy Of Drumming and the Drummers Database. Welcome to my website.


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  • Quick Drumming Tip: Pineapple Apple Pie

    This is just a quick and handy way to tell the difference between two commonly misinterpreted notations; 1e&- and 1-&a. I have found this method helps my students quickly tell the difference, even if they have little to no experience or knowledge of reading written notation. Both of the written notations for these rhythms consist […]

  • Why Most Unsigned Competitions are Evil

    Lately I was reminded of why some unsigned band competitions are so awful. At their core, these competitions are nothing more than cruel and exploitative con tricks designed to squeeze every possible penny out of inexperienced and sometimes desperate bands/artists. The type of contest that I’m discussing is of course based on votes from a paying […]

  • How I Fixed WordPress Auto Updates

    These past few months I have been having serious issues with WordPress auto updates; issues driving me to total distraction. I helped friends with their WordPress installs and felt overcome with jealousy at the simple fact that everything just worked. Apparently it is becoming more of a problem amongst WP users on dedicated and virtual […]